Your App to Transform Eco-Anxiety to Action

We protect & restore nature by helping You with your mental fitness.

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How will we help you?


Understand what eco-anxiety is & how it affects you.


Gain knowledge & techniques that help you to cope better.


Learn to transform it into real action, to make a difference.

+ Just by working on your mental health, you automatically protect & restore nature. 

Start taking care of yourself & nature

Let's address the elephant in the room.

Working on your Eco-anxiety is HARD


Let's tackle it together

The Wildya App

Understand your mind in minutes.

Once a week a 10 min mental fitness course, picked by us. Afterwards tiny daily actions < 2 min to make the theory stick.

Adapted to the way you feel.

Chose tough topics when energy levels are high & work on mindfulness when your energy is low.

Eco-anxiety to action converter.

Restore nature by simply working on yourself. Another course finished means more protected land. 

Get out of action paralysis.

Instead on theory we focus on action. Daily actions + story telling, will ensure you take your life back.

Transform your eco-anxiety to action

Sounds fluffier than an alpaca ?

Ok, here some hard fact Features

Daily micro-actions to work on your mental health.

No need to read the research paper; we bring the core insights to you. 

Personal growth that doesn't outgrow your wallet.

Commitment that will pay off, for the price of one lunch, per month. Fair price that hurts enough, so that you show up. 

Wild Subscription

$ 13
Per Month
  • 1st month free, 2nd money back guarantee
  • Improved mental health
  • Healthy Self-Growth
  • 1m2 Nature protected every month
1st Month Free


1st month for FREE.

2nd-month money-back guarantee.

If you don’t experience growth with us in the next 2 months, we give you your money back.

That’s how much we believe in YOU & this app. 

No questions asked. No proof needed.

We simply transfer back your money.

We have no interest in creating a product that doesn’t work.

That’s our no-bullshit guarantee.

Catalyse climate-anxiety into action


Not yet, sorry!

We are only starting this project. Rather than focusing on long research, we wanted to help people right away. Thanks to systems that worked for us, real people.

That being said. The app and every course is build with science in mind.

We use:

1. Storytelling.

We humans are storytellers. We spent much more time around bonnfires than around computers. Stories are the most powerful way to remember.

In our case this storytelling is done by taking inspiration from nature.

2. Frameworks & Research.

Every course has a main section in which we take the newest research findings, proven frameworks from field experts and co. to help you grow.

We break it down to the essentials and make it easy to understand, so that everyone can grow.

3.Tiny actions

Our idea is based on tiny but continous actions, to help you build your better self. James Clear with his work on “Atomic Habits” is probably the most prominent example, yet he was inspired by old methods like the Japanese Kaizen method.

We give it now a wild twist and provide you with 7 tiny actions you take during the week.

We believe those 2 go together like veggie burger & fries.

Nature has the most successful Research & Development (R&D) department in the world. Smoothly running things since for million of years now.

So why not try to learn from it?

For centuries, nature has become our inspiration for innovation. Less painful needles, wind turbines, or the ability to fly are all innovations that were hugely influenced by nature.

Nature can also help us in the current mental health crisis.

Nature has plenty of stories to tell, and the visual characteristics of nature, will help many to remember the concepts we present.

We humans are not made to remember all kinds of theoretical concepts. Most of us learn much better with visual stories.

Furthermore, only if we remember the theoretical content, we will actually start to make changes in our daily lives.

Which is our main goal with all the content we create for you.

We truly want to support you to build your better self and nature is your best mentor to accomplish that.

Sure, mate! The 1st month is free for everyone. From the 2nd month, everyone needs to pay.

However, if you should not be happy after 2 months with us we fully refund you, no questions asked.

We have no interest in creating a product that doesn’t work.

For YOU:
When apps are free, they are not truly free, you rather become the product. Your data and privacy gets monetized. We don’t appreciate this sort of business practice.

Personal development is something very intimate, we don’t want to spam you with Candy Crush commercials.

For us:
Charging you means that we continuously need to provide value for you. Otherwise, you will leave. This model is the best to ensure we improve our product, rather than how to show you more ads.

For nature:
Our partners get a steady flow of contributions from us so that they can create the measurable impact that you enable.

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