The biodiversity & mental health crises are for us the 2 biggest challenges of our time. So we need the brightest minds to fix them. Join us.

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Founder’s Associate Intern

🚀 Your Mission:

Are you passionate about helping people to transform their eco-anxiety into action? 

Do you love nature and want to preserve it? 

Are you looking to get some real hands-on experience?

You came to the right place! 

At Wildya YOU,will empower people to live happier lives and help nature recover.


💪 How you will create an impact:

As a member of the Wildya herd, you will help us execute our strategy.

All theory is useless if actions do not follow it.

So, you will help us ensure that all the ideas we have together are implemented.  


🐘 Internship actions:

Working with us at this stage means being hands-on on all topics we face daily while creating an impact start-up.

So this is a sneak peek into the areas you would help us in and not a final list. 


1) Digital Presence and Marketing:

  • Social Media (LinkedIn & Instagram) creation and growth
  • Write SEO optimized blog articles
  • Improve website
  • Newsletter creation and growth
  • Design of communication materials

2) Company building

  • Research for funding incl. grant, competition, accelerator applications
  • Community management
  • Improvement of internal knowledge management
  • User, market, competitor research
  • App improvement
  • Pitch deck improvements

3) Bizdev & customer success:

  • Warm and cold outreach
  • Partner and collaboration search
  • Mailbox support
  • Online and offline event management
  • App courses creation support  


Plenty to tackle. Ready to take on this challenge and lead impact since day 1?


👀 What we are looking for:

  • Ability to work minimum 6 months in a full-time internship 
  • High Fluency in English is required. 
  • Impact first – You want to have a positive impact, above everything else.
  • Passionate about nature because everything is centered around it.
  • Growth mentality – the work in an early-stage start-up like ours is diverse, so you need to have the desire to learn every single day from various fields.
  • Ambitious – If you just need to tick of your internship, this role is not for you. We want to protect 1% of this planet until 2030, so we need team players who want to be part of this journey, and that means that we need to get some work done. The classic 9-5 doesn’t work at our stage.
  • Execution focus – You need to like the work of operations, where you execute projects and tasks.


Not important for us:

  • Where you are located in this world, we attempt to be remote first
  • If you went to university, what grades you got or fancy companies on your CV. We care about You and what you can bring to the table to make this idea a reality.


🦋 What you can expect from Wildya:

  • A job with purpose. Be part of the change and shape a better future for people and nature.
  • Measurable impact. Thanks to our app, you will see the impact you will have on people & nature right in front of your eyes.
  • A blank page. Wildya is still young, so every action you do immediately influences Wildya, so you will shape it as much as we do. 
  • Remote first. Live wherever you want. Many beautiful places are out there, so go ahead and find your spot.
  • Learn like nowhere else. I (Oliver founder of Wildya) did my fair share of internships & lead interns. I can confidently say that there is almost no other internship where you will learn as much in a short time.
  • Autonomy. You will work autonomously and be entrusted with tasks that you wouldn’t normally get your hands on in bigger companies.
  • Potential first hire. We will intensify our work in the next months to get Wildya off the ground. If you are a massive help in this mission, you will become our first hire if we should have the financial means.
  • Knowledge transfer. You will learn while doing, and we will share all our knowledge from our previous jobs with you. 
  • Remuneration. We are currently not in the position to pay you. Because we have no funding or grant to back us up. Everything comes out of my (Oliver) pocket. But you will be the first to get 750€ per month as soon as we get some funding.  


🐆 Quick 3 application steps:

  1. Send us your CV & 1 minute YouTube, Vimeo or Loom video introducing yourself and a brief explanation of why you would like to join the mission.* To this email:
  2. If we are interested -> Quick intro call to see if we share the same vision & vibes
  3. 30-minute case study


Last but not least, we encourage everyone to apply. We are committed to creating an inclusive company that reflects the world we are living in.


🐢 About us:

Wildya – Transform your eco-anxiety into action

People behind: Winny the psychology & neuroscience expert & me (Oliver), the business expert. We both frequently experience eco-anxiety. 

So we are driven to help people & nature.

Vision: We want to see a world full of wildlife & happy people.

Goal: Our bold goal is to protect 1% of our planet’s land & sea until 2030 by helping 300 mio people.

Mission: With the help of nature, we increase people’s mental fitness. But mental fitness is a broad topic. So, it is hard to help everyone with our limited resources right now.

So, in the first step, we are helping other people with eco-anxiety to channel their anxiety into action. Similar as Winny & I did.

This sounds like a bold mission you can get behind? Apply now and become an integral part of our journey by sending us a direct email at

*The video should be 1 minute long and uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo or Loom. If you don’t want other people to find it, mark it as unlisted. Don’t mark it as private, or we won’t be able to see it. The video should only contain you talking—no screenshots or post-production wizardry, as we don’t want this to turn into a video-making contest. Please do not recite a script written beforehand; just talk spontaneously as you would to a friend. Finally, before submitting the video, please double-check that the audio quality is good.

Love our mission?

You love our mission, but there are no other open jobs? Write us anyway!

We have the bold vision of protecting 1% of this planet for nature, so we need all hands on deck. 

Together we can take a look if we somehow can work together.

Open volunteering roles:

  • App development
  • Short Video Content Creation
  • Finance 
  • Legal

Just send us a mail to oliver.dauert @

Too big of a risk right now?
No worries, see what we are working on & judge later.


Full transparency. Not right now. 

The entire idea is bootstrapped. So until we found some more capital this is not a paid role. 

But joining now has the advantage that you get your fair share of equity. 

Happy to hear that you found out idea inspiring enough to dedicate your time to it. 

We are obviously eager to work with motivated people that help us in our ambition to protect 1% of this planet. 

You can write us at oliver.dauert @ 

Right now we are growing organically. So we first need to make some more revenue to be able to afford you. 

If you, however, would be interested in a non paid internship, we could obviously discuss it. 

We just know that not everyone can do such internships, which is why we don’t proactively promote them. 

Just write us to oliver.dauert @ if you are interested. 

Yes. We don’t care where you log in from or what time you work. 

We care about you and that you have the best possible environment to tackle this big ambition.