No fluff

You are too busy to read pages of fancy written statements. Here in a nutshell what you need to know about us. 

Vision & Mission


We want to see a world full of wildlife & happy people.


A vision is useless if you don't act on it. So our bold goal is to protect 1% of our planet's land & sea until 2030 by changing 300 millions people's lives.


We protect & restore nature by helping people with their mental fitness, starting with eco-anxiety.

meet the Wild Ones

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Founder & CEO

🪸 Personal development & nature enthusiast

🇦🇺 lived in 6 countries

🍦 Eats an ice cream every day

🦡 Favorite animal: Honeybadger

🐘 Best place in the world: Serengeti

Winny (Smriti)
Co-Founder & COO

🧠 Cognitive Psychology & Nature Enthusiast

🇮🇳 Lived in 3 continents

🎾 Spends free time on philosophy, lawn tennis, astrophysics

🐺 Favourite animal: the loyal wolf

🐠 Best place in the world: under-water

Co-Founder & CTO

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Our Name

Wildya = Wild + Ya (Yourself)

Our name is a rather simple combo.

We love the wilderness and what it sparks when people think about it.

Ya, is a homage to Australia, where it is popularly used, instead of saying you.

Wildya = Wild yourself, so to say.

Wildya - Only 32 years in the making

Took me (Oli) only 32, to get a grip on my eco-anxiety to launch this app. Hear a brief recap.


The little indie movie "Lion King" makes its debut in cinemas and changes my life forever. A nature lover is born.


After losing my nature passion in my teens, I rediscover it in Australia. After a short reflection of 1 year, I decided to study business, to protect nature.


Fulfilling my life long dream of traveling through Africa. Experiencing beauty & loss, first hand. Sleeping next to lions, which creates first Wildya sparks.


Business master in my bag. Hello quarter life crisis! Triggered by eco-anxiety. Increasing feeling I don't do enough and move not fast enough.


You know what comes. Covid. Locked up. Self-reflection time. Realized that my jobs didn't fight the biodiversity crisis. Venture out to find like-minded folks.


Turns out I am not the only one with eco-anxiety. But I seem to handle it + the entire Covid crisis better than most. So how can I help others? Wildya was born.


Realize that I can't work full-time, leading a team & developing this Wildya app. Quit my dream job to go all in on Wildya. Find 2 inspirational nature enthusiasts with Winny & Rob that want to tackle this challenge together.

Behind our logo

Our idea was to highlight the journey we all take in our lives.

The ups and downs.

After all, life rarely goes straight.

Furthermore, the silhouette of the W is inspired by one of the wisest and calmest of the animal kingdom: the elephant.

After all, it was an elephant story that showed us the power of using stories from nature, to help people with their personal growth.