Wild Ears

Spotify playlists of the best nature podcasts, as well as music lists that will tackle your eco-anxiety.

Promise for our playlists


These playlists are free for everyone & will stay free.


The podcasts we chose inspired us to take action, we are certain they will do the same for you.


The playlists are here to spark joy & fun. Mental health can be challenging, so we hope these help.



Podcasts for Nature Lovers

Full list of the best nature podcasts on Spotify.

Nature is still stuck in the niche.

So it is hard to find great podcasts to learn more about nature & how we can rewild it.

So, we collected all the podcasts we love into one list.

Enjoy & act.



F*ck Eco Anxiety

The community playlist to tackle your anxiety.

During our research for Wildya, we talked with people and asked them what helps them to combat the feeling of eco-anxiety.

Turns out music helps them incredibly on those dark days.

So, together with YOU & them, we are creating a list.

Start your journey
Of building your better & wilder self