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Biodiversity 101 - Your complete beginner guide

🤔 Bio what?

Some call it nature, some call it mother earth, some call it wilderness, some call it flora & fauna and some call it biodiversity.

If you don’t know where to start or if you struggle to rally people behind this cause. This doc is for you.

89 slides. Short, easy to understand & action-oriented.

🪸 What you get:
– Definition
– Types
– Why Important
– Current state
– Cause of decline
– Useful resources (books, movies, people to follow etc.)
– Action

Biodiversity Christmas Guide - 24 Tips for a biodiversity friendly Christmas

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year.

But unfortunately, it is also the most destructive one.
↳ E.g. Of all purchases made in the UK for Christmas, only 1% will still be used six months after the big day.

These resources we use for presents, decoration, food & co. create immense pressure on biodiversity.

So, let’s flip it this season & make Christmas wildly wonderful.


🎁 In this 3min guide you get:
↳ 24 ideas for a wilder Christmas
↳ 25 sources to dive deeper


10 green travel tips to reduce your negative impact on animals

🌍 Green traveling is sooo much more than avoiding flying.

Don’t get us wrong, reducing carbon is crucial, but there are plenty of other impacts you, as a traveler, currently can have on animals.

REALLY IMPORTANT. There might be tips you weren’t aware of. Rather than beating yourself up, just avoid them in the future and spread more awareness that those practices are harming animals in the long run.

🐘 What you get:
10 tips on how you can reduce your negative impact on animals while taking some time off.

Wildya-20 most powerful comics to raise awareness about biodiversity loss

20 most powerful comics to raise awareness about biodiversity loss

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

So, we collected the most influential nature comics we have encountered in the past years.

You can use them to raise awareness & spark conversations about biodiversity.

It’s one of the first steps you can take to make the world wilder.

Thank you for speaking up for nature!


🐧 In this PDF you get:
↳ 20 comics that help you to raise awareness for nature

Start your journey
Of building your better & wilder self