Eco-Anxiety Quiz

Eco-Anxiety Quiz: Are you a Mild, Moderate, or Severe Eco-Anxious Person?


Want to tackle your eco-anxiety?

Test it for yourself.

How does watching wildfires or animals losing their habitat make you feel?

Does witnessing the consequences of climate change motivate you to act, or does it make you hopeless and depressed?

Do you sometimes choose to avoid this kind of content so as not to feel stress and fear building up inside your chest?

Your answers to these questions are highly valuable for you to understand your level of eco-anxiety.

We’ve created the eco-anxiety quiz to help you determine if your climate change anxiety is mild, moderate, or severe.

The results are a starting point enabling you to determine which type of support you need.

From then on, you can start working on yourself with the Wildya mental fitness app and get better while helping the planet to get better, too.

Promise for our quiz


Understand why you feel this way & how strongly you are feeling it.


Quiz is based on research findings, qualitative & quantitative research + personal experiences we went through.


You are busy. So, we designed the quiz to be only 7 min long.


What is the purpose of the eco-anxiety quiz?


Determine how strong eco-anxiety affects your mental health

A growing number of people are suffering from eco-anxiety, also called “climate anxiety”, but very few are aware of it or even know it exists.

The eco-anxiety quiz helps you determine if you are eco-anxious and, if yes, how strongly it affects your mental health.

Get a free and easy tool for an initial introspection

Quite often, mental health has a bad stigma, so we don’t really want to talk about it publicly.

Moreover, taking care of our mental health can be expensive.

It creates an additional barrier to actually doing something about it.

This free quiz helps you realize a free initial introspection that you can do in private and at any time.

Not like other tests that you can do to know more about yourself, the eco-anxiety quiz is quick, interactive, and easy to do.


Start transforming eco-anxiety into action

Reading papers and studies about psychology can be boring.  

So we wanted to create a fun and entertaining way to help you dive into your mental health.

Within 7 minutes, you get a better understanding of how the state of the world affects you.

It makes it easy to identify where your eco-anxiety is coming from.

Reflection and realization are the first steps to transforming eco-anxiety into action. 


What to do with the eco-anxiety quiz results?


Solutions tailored to your results

According to your results, you receive a personalized email suggesting actions you can take to start transforming your eco-anxiety into action.

You’ll discover the three pillars that make the Wildya app the best tool for people dealing with eco-anxiety like you.

But we are all different, so it’s important that you choose what you think would work best for you.


Eco-allies community

It’s easy to feel that nobody cares about the planet and understand how you feel.

But this is not true. You’re not alone.

Many people feel eco-anxiety and try to do something about it. They are your eco-allies!

Join the eco-allies community and find a group of like-minded people who care for the planet and for others.

External support

The Wildya team members are not medical experts.

All our resources are based on research, studies, and our personal experience.

While Wildya is a mental fitness app that, we hope, will help you transform eco-anxiety into action, it doesn’t replace the knowledge and experience of a psychologist.

If you feel that you need more support, make an appointment with a professional.