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The Wheel of Life Template

The Wheel of Life is an excellent visualization method to see in which areas of your life you are currently not happy.

It was created in the 60s by the life coaching pioneer Paul J. Meyer. It is yet again straightforward, which makes it so powerful.

The basic idea is to rate your current satisfaction of those life areas from 1-10.

1 awful & 10 love it. It is really about the feeling you have right now.

After that, you connect the categories with curved lines so that you can see in which areas there is a bump that stops the wheel from rolling. 

For more info & easy step-by-step guidance, download our app and follow the brief course “Dung beetle & The Wheel of Life”.


Trademark Information: Wheel of Life is a trademark of the Meyer Resource Group Inc.

Find your Ikigai Template

Ikigai was a game-changer when we came across it. 

Because it helped me (Oliver Founder of Wildya) develop the idea of Wildya. 

This self-reflection exercise is easy to do and can provide profound insights on where to focus your attention. 

Ikigai originally comes from Japan and means losely trasnlated something like purpose. 

This Venn Diagram Visualization though was created by Héctor García for his book Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life.

The basic idea is simple. You just fill out the circles one by one. 

By the end of the exercise, you will see overlaps where, ideally, all 4 circles come together. 

The center where they do is your Ikigai, and from that moment, you should dedicate some time to explore how you can make it a reality asap. 

For more info & easy step-by-step guidance, download our app and follow the brief course “Beavers & Self-Confidence”.


Trademark Information: The Ikigai Venn Diagram is a trademark of the Hector Garcia.

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