Our bold goal is to protect 1% of our planet’s land & sea until 2030. Are you with us?

This is how we will do it. 

1% for the Planet

Paying nature

1 m² per user per month

1% For the Planet

We donate 1% of our total sales to a ocean nonprofit (still in selection process). 

But unlike other companies, we don’t stop there. 

2030 is upon us.
In order to protect 30% of this planet, we need to go beyond business as usual.

We need bolder commitments for nature.

Which is why we pay nature 15x more than other sustainable businesses.

Paying Nature

We are disrupting the status quo, by paying nature for its services.

While we don’t extract any resources, we still get inspired by nature.

So similar to royalty fees in the music industry, we are paying nature 15% of our total sales for this inspiration.

Most companies don’t pay nature anything; some pay 1%, but we need bolder commitments, to realize our bold vision of protecting 1% of this planet.

So here we go. 15x as much as the best in class sustainable companies. 


1 m² per user per month

We partnered up with Wilderlands to protect biodiversity in Australia. Forever

Just by using the app, you will help nature to recover, because we will restore 1 m² every month, in your name

Make an Impact
& by starting your wild growth.


Companies are the major contributors to biodiversity loss.

The root reason for this is that in our current system they can internalize all the profits from their activities, while externalizing the costs on us and ecosystems.

E.g. A fossil fuel company can transform a national park into a desert and take all the resources. They internalize all the profits they make from their activity.

And the costs in terms of nature destruction, climate change, water pollution etc. is burdened on all of us and nature.

We don’t think is is right.

Each company that uses nature, should compensate nature for it with a realistic price.

Nature needs to be incorporated at the heart of every business model. So that it wont be a nice to have anymore, but a business cost like any other.

We do this by paying nature 15% of our total revenue.

Many don’t know this, but when you pay for an app Apple and Google get 30% of this amount.

So if an app costs 10€, Apple immediately gets 3€.

And every app business just accepts this. After All, it is just a cost of running this app business.

The same goes for marketing, HR, operational, etc. costs. We all think those costs are totally reasonable.

So let’s get the same reflex when it comes to compensating nature.

We believe nature should be equally compensated.

15% is inspired by the heavy sum Apple takes on their service and by the famous 1% for the Planet.

With 1% we will never get to our bold vision of living on a wilder planet. So we crunched the numbers and we believe we can pull it off with 15%.

This has never been done before. So we will always let you know how it goes.

But be assured, if there is a way how to run Wildya financially sustainable, while increasing our contribution to nature, we will do it.

By now there are many bad apples out there. Promising and greenwashing their way through the media. So we get it that you are concerned.

This is how we will prove it to you:

  • you see your impact directly in the app
  • we share transparently our donation receipts
  • Thanks to our partner Wilderlands you can see where the impact is created
  • we constantly share updates about our impact projects
  • 1% for the Planet checks our accounting every single year to see if we donated the right amount
  • we will develop more features inside the app so that you will get an even better idea of your impact

We thought long and hard about this and in the end we believe this is the way in which we can ensure directing the most money towards nature.

Not everyone is aware of it, but many companies actually actively try to avoid making profits. The reasons for this are share holder pay-outs, higher taxes, or they want to reinvest the money into growth.

Now what that means, when companies say they donate x$ of their profits to nature, it might happen that nature actually never sees a penny.

Quick example.

Company X generates $100 mio revenue. Their profits are 5%. $5 mio. Now on those, let’s say they are generous, they give 15%. $750k.

Now that’s great, but let’s take a look at how it looks in our business model.

Wildya is crushing it and making $100 mio revenue. We pay nature 15%. So nature gets $15 mio.

Same revenue and on paper the profit claim sounds even more powerful. Yet incorporating nature into the business model leads to much more money flowing towards nature.

We were searching for months for the right partner and with Wilderlands we have found it.

They tick all our boxes of a great partner:

  • they measure their impact
  • they protect and restore nature
  • they involve Indigenous people
  • they protect some of the last wild places
  • they are rooted in science
  • they are action driven
  • Nature is protected forever
  • their work feeds into our ambition of protecting 1% of this planet for nature
  • we got a personal connection to Australia
  • Australias flora and fauna is one of the most severely impacted by our action (e.g. increasing wildfires, due to climate change)


You can find even more reasons on their website and in their whitepaper.

You will create an impact just by showing up. By subscribing to our app, you will enable us to use the generated money to forward it to nature.

No action needed on your side.

You can focus on building your better self, while we at Wildya and Wilderlands help nature to be restored.