Nature-Friendly Valentine’s Day: Your Activity & Gift Guide From Earth, with Love


Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity for you to not only express the love you have for your significant other but also this floating rock we call home.

🤯 75% of people in Great Britain worry about climate change¹ – so, why work with us to turn your eco-anxiety into action? Choosing a nature-friendly Valentine’s Day activity or eco-conscious Valentine’s Day gift that benefits nature is a beautiful way to show your love to both your partner and the environment.

Let’s give the true gift of nature this Valentine’s Day – one that doesn’t cost but boosts the earth. Here are some eco-friendly Valentine’s Day gift ideas and activities that directly contribute to nature conservation and sustainability.

Our Best Eco-Conscious Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

1. Ditch the flowers, show your love by gifting corals instead.

Aside from pollutants and water use, flowers can generate serious carbon emissions due to refrigeration and long-haul transport. Not so rosy, hey?

Instead, save the day, or shall we say reef, by adopting coral with an organisation like the Coral Gardeners. You can adopt baby fragments from the specified coral species, for you and your loved one. Through this, you, to help grow and recreate diverse and resilient reefs around the world to mirror the resilience of your own relationship.

2. Sustainable treats: serve sweetness with a side of ethics.

Swap your favourite sweet treat for one that looks after the environment instead of destroying it. If you usually gift your partner their favourite chocolate, coffee, or tea – opt for a fair trade or organic option instead.

Many brands focus on sustainable and responsible sourcing of cocoa for you and your partner to share. Seek organisations like PeruPuro that start with bio-diverse cultivation in highly diverse agroforestry systems, protect more than 1,000 hectares of original rainforest, and source environmentally friendly packaging for their sweet treats².

3. Keep outdoor gear in action by reviving what you already have!

Make an impact this Valentine’s Day by ditching fast fashion for organisations whose best practice is rescuing products, reviving them through repair, and repurposing them for sale. Re-Action Collective is a great example of an important social enterprise that helps organisations save resources, reduce waste and cut carbon emissions³. Patagonia’s commitment to sustainable fashion and lifelong warranty is also commendable. Since 1985, Patagonia has pledged 1% of sales to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment.

Whether your partner’s interest is snow sports, cycling, climbing, surfing or sailing, prioritise purchasing gifts from businesses that make the right kit affordable, accessible, and eco-friendly.

4. Trade the gift of jewellery for nature’s true gem: the land itself.

Buying a new piece of sparkly jewellery for your partner comes at the cost of your pocket and Earth’s natural resources. Why not replenish what we have left and restore the land with organisations like Wilderlands to protect biodiversity across the world? One square metre at a time.

Our bold goal is to protect 1% of our planet’s land & sea until 2030. Are you with us?

We partnered up with Wilderlands to protect biodiversity in Australia. Forever. Just by using the Wildya app, you will help nature to recover because we will restore 1 m² every month in your name.

5. Give the ultimate eco-conscious Valentine’s Day gift with a shared national nature pass.

Gifting your significant other an annual pass to one of your country’s national parks, wildlife or nature societies for Valentine’s Day encourages spending quality time in a serene and tranquil environment, away from the distractions of daily life.

Many of these organisations contribute to conservation efforts and the maintenance of these natural spaces. By purchasing a pass, you’re indirectly supporting the preservation of the environment for future generations. But that’s not all…

The pass reflects a thoughtful gesture, emphasising shared experiences and a joint commitment to the well-being of the natural world.

6. Boost your partner’s sustainability status with a nature-friendly app subscription.

If your partner is an outdoor enthusiast or adventure lover, a yearly subscription to one of the leading nature-promoting apps definitely won’t go a miss. Elevate your love and stay connected to nature by exploring new routes, trails and unfamiliar terrain with AllTrails.

In the new digital age, we use tech almost every day to communicate our love with those close to us. Have you thought about doing the same for nature? The Wildya app ensures 7 minutes of your day is dedicated to personal growth for you and nature. Let’s face it, working on your eco-anxiety is HARD – but what if you could make it a little easier for your partner?

Wildya gives you the choice to learn tough topics when energy levels are high and work on mindfulness when your energy is low. Enable your partner to restore nature by simply working on themselves – each course finished means more protected land.

Pick a Nature-Friendly Valentine’s Day Activity (or two!) that Suits Your Relationship

1. Take a heartfelt hike in nature.

Move mountains this Valentine’s Day, quite literally. Take your relationship to new heights by absorbing the sights and sounds of the great outdoors together.

94% of adults throughout the UK felt that spending time outdoors was good for their physical health, and 92% thought it was also good for their mental health⁴. There is no better healer than nature itself, it’s great for your mental health and proves to improve quality of life. Take the time to explore your nearby trails or nature reserves hand in hand.

2. Don’t waste the day: spend it litter picking or cleaning up your local beach.

Where romance meets conservation, spend some quality time with your partner on Valentine’s Day by heading to your local green space or seascape to clean up!

Wildlife populations – mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and fish – have seen a devastating 69% drop on average since 1970⁵. If you live near the coast, spend the day removing litter from your shorelines to help protect marine life.

3. Root for love by planting trees together.

Celebrate your love by planting a tree together and watching it grow and flourish over the years as a symbol of your enduring love. Ditch the roses and give a gift that keeps growing with Ecosia, a leading search engine that plants trees where needed the most – meaning the planet will profit from your daily search history. Pretty cool, right?

Alternatively, you can consider adopting a tree or sponsoring a species of wildlife in your partner’s name. Many conservation organisations offer programs like these, allowing you to contribute to the preservation of the planet’s biodiversity whilst fostering your own relationship.

If you’re looking to get your hands dirty, your local garden centre will also provide you with information on native trees that are small enough for you to take home and plant in your own garden. Nurture your relationship with nature.

4. Spice things up in the kitchen and cook a vegan meal for your partner.

Detailed analysis finds plant diets lead to 75% less climate-heating emissions, water pollution and land use than meat-rich ones⁶. Choose organic, locally sourced, and seasonal ingredients to make your meal more sustainable.

Animal agriculture is a major driver of deforestation, habitat destruction, and loss of biodiversity. By opting for a plant-based meal, you and your partner indirectly contribute to the preservation of ecosystems and wildlife habitats. Discover how to eat for the climate with Fork Ranger – they make it easy to care for and learn about the climate whilst cooking meals that will tantalise your partner’s taste buds!

5. Swap the cinema for your sofa, homemade popcorn, and a nature documentary for two!

Nature documentaries often provide valuable information about our planet, wildlife, and ecosystems. Watching together can spark interesting conversations and learning opportunities, fostering intellectual engagement between you and your partner. Our Planet, Life on our Planet, WaterBear and Blue Planet are just a few we recommend.

Movies aren’t your thing? Join forces and explore our favourite nature podcasts and tailored Spotify music playlists that will help tackle your eco-anxiety here (Wild Ears – Wildya). This experience allows you to indulge in something you both enjoy, promoting a sense of unity and connection with not just nature but each other.

6. Put a nature-loving twist on your usual romantic getaway!

Considering the environmental benefits, travelling to an eco-friendly retreat extends beyond just relaxation. It’s a great way to not only foster a deeper relationship with your partner, but with nature, too. Forget the 5-star hotel, why not stop out in a treehouse, tiny house, or mountain hut for the night?

Escape to a tech-free cabin to rest and recharge in nature with Unplugged, who provide the ultimate digital detox and the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in an off-grid cabin. It holds the power to not only heal your personal relationship with quality time but your one with nature too.

This Valentine’s Day, let your love blossom in harmony with nature. By purchasing an eco-conscious Valentine’s Day gift and choosing a nature-friendly Valentine’s Day activity to engage in, you not only celebrate your relationship but also demonstrate a commitment to the well-being of the planet.

Whether it’s planting seeds, embarking on outdoor adventures, or simply appreciating the beauty around you, make this Valentine’s Day a celebration of love that cares for Mother Nature, too.

Sow your seeds of love for nature with us by downloading the Wildya app. We’ll foster your eco-anxiety so that you can focus on creating a positive impact.


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