7 proven ways to get the best ROI in Personal Development


The best return on investment (ROI) is not in real estate, stocks, or gold. It is in yourself. 

Investments typically yield a 5-15% ROI, but investing in personal development can provide much more. It can help you gain clarity, new skills, discover new opportunities, and learn from experts.

While it does not guarantee happiness and success, it can increase the probability of achieving them.

Here are 7 proven ways to start investing in yourself:

1. Books

Dah no brainer. Often mentioned, but for many a pain. Yet they have some of the best ROI.

Most books are around 10-30€, which is probably less than what you make per hour. The chance that you at least gain 1 more skill or fresh perspective out of a book is massive. If the book gets your skill to the next level, you will have a higher value in the market.

20€ investment for 500€ per month more on the paycheck? I take it!

My tip: 3 books that changed my life, The Big 5 for Life , You’re not listening , Start with Why

2. Online Courses

By now you can find 1000s of online courses that are free or paid from masters in their field. Why don’t take a shortcut and learn from their insights and mistakes.

Most that I have seen go for 100-300€. That might sound like a big investment, but again, you tap into insights of a person that mastered their craft. Saving you tons of time.

My tip: There are many out there. My favorite so far is Coursera. 

3. Apps

The world is a noisy place with tons of distractions. Apps can help you focus on a particular topic you plan to improve.

Unlike books the are more interactive, unlike online courses they are better designed to do on the go.

Most go for 5-15€ per month, to put that into perspective that is one lunch in a restaurant.

My tip: I currently work on the Wildya app, so obviously this one. 

4. 1-to-1

I am constantly surprised how nice people are on Linkedin and Instagram. Reach out to people and most of the time they are more than happy to help you to reach the next level.

1to1 are perfect to learn directly from the insights of that person and you can ask questions that are particular to your blocking points.

Some are free and some charge for it.

My tip: Find out which aspect you want to improve in. Search on Linkedin, Twitter or Instagram. If you don’t get any interesting results ask in your community. You can also write me at oliver.dauert@wildya.earth maybe I got an idea who to connect you to. 

5. Podcasts

Perfect ROI because 99% of them are free. Best of all, by now there there is a podcast to every single topic you can imagine. No matter if it is niche or mainstream.

The conversations they have are perfect to tap into their brains and solve your roadblocks.

Perfect on the way to work or while shopping groceries.

My tip: On Purpose with Jay Shatty & Mission First are my favorites. 

6. Tools & Ai

Improvement can also mean to outsource those activities that you hate. So that you can have more room for the things you love or care about.

Outsourcing them to a tool or AI can get you there. Similar to podcasts there is a tool for everything nowadays.

Most tools and AI go for 20-50€ a month. Now cross check this with your hourly wage and see if it makes sense to free that time up for you.

My tip: One thing you need to knwo about me I love tools. So here I just share with you the one that truly changed my life. Notion. I basically built my second brain there.

7. Retreats & Events

Often the most expensive way of personal development, but if chosen right it can be a powerful one. Positive aspect is that it is an immersive experience, so there is a good chance that you will implement those findings you made there.

Events and retreats are happening on and offline nowadays, providing more flexibility than before Covid. Price ranges are hard to say because it depends on what you want to learn or broaden your horizon in.

I frequently see free online events, but also retreats in Portugal that cost thousands of Euro.

My tip: Eventbrite often has often free good ones. I personally didn’t book a retreat yet. But last year I spend 5 weeks in the African bush to become a Field Guide.I did it with Eco Training.

Which investment in yourself resulted in the best ROI for you so far?

You have no idea where to start? Write us a PM at oliver.dauert@wildya.earth and I might be able to provide some direction.

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