Transform your eco-anxiety into action

Mental fitness coaching that actually works, thanks to the best R&D team in the world: nature.

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From Eco-Anxiety to Action

At Wildya have a bold vision, we want to see a world full of wildlife & happy people.

To realize this vision, we use mental fitness coaching to help you with your eco-anxiety. And by helping you, we will be able to protect & restore nature, m² by m².

We have the conviction that you can become the person you aspire to be.

You might just need a helping hand. 

Nature is the cheat code that will get you there. 


We f#cked up

In the past decades, we created a toxic environment for US & NATURE.

10% of us experience high levels of eco-anxiety, but can’t find help.

2 million species face extinction & need action.

To summarize, many of us are unhappy, unsure of where to start in order to improve, and feel helpless as the planet is destroyed.

Time to start a wild turnaround.

Our Wild Solutions

Eco-Anxiety Quiz

Figure out if you have eco-anxiety and how severe in just 7-minutes.

Self-reflection is the first step towards action.

So, to help you start your journey, we created this free, engaging, and informative quiz.


Eco-Allies Community

Feeling anxious about the climate and nature’s destruction can feel very alienating.

To combat that feeling and meet like-minded people more easily, we created Eco-allies.

Find your community, share best practices, grow together, vent from all this BS, find impact jobs, take collective action or just feel like you are being heard.

Wildya App

Improve your mental fitness steadily, by investing less than 7min per day. Ready in your pocket & adapted to your speed.

Eco-anxiety-to-action converter. Restore nature by simply working on yourself.

We pick 1 course per week for you, you just need to show up.

Mental fitness coaching that doesn’t outgrow your wallet.

Sounds too good to be true? Try it yourself for free.

Our Approach


Changes don't happen overnight, but with tiny steps you will change your life.


We take inspiration from Nature, so in exchange we restore it.


Good mental health shouldn't be a privilige. Not happy? We transfer your money back.

Real Life

No AI, but designed by people that have been where you are & now help others.


Mental fitness is hard enough. We make the experience as easy as possible.


Theory is nice, but in the end it all comes to implementation. Action is our speciality.

1% wilder

Our bold goal is to protect 1% of our planet’s land & sea until 2030. Are you with us?

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Hi wild one!

Each week we share 1 wild personal growth tip. 

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