Personal growth that actually works

Do you feel the personal development resources you are consuming only help you in theory? We came up with a solution that emphasizes action.

Your Pain


Most of the stuff sounds great in theory, but it doesn't translate into your real life for some reason.


There are books, podcasts, events, blogs, magazines, newsletters... ahhhhh this is all too much.

Time investment

You have a busy life and no time to waste. You need something that cuts through the noise and delivers in a short period of time.

“One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth.
Growth must be chosen again & again; fear must be overcome again & again.”
- Abraham Maslow

How we want to

Help YOU

1. Unblocking Your

Growth Cheat

We chose a slower approach, aiming to grow you by 1% per day.

Now this might sound slow.

But instead of just talking about theoretical ideas, we will assist you daily to take action and build your better self.

2. Adapted to

Energy Levels

Life energizer in your pocket. Let the energy bar explode, or take it slow. Personal growth that is adapted to the way you feel.

In high-energy weeks we help you hit your growth goals.

In low-energy weeks, we just assist you in being present and appreciate what you have.

3. Big Growth

Small Time Invest

Grow steadily, investing less than 7min per day. Ready in your pocket & adapted to your speed.

We recommend completing 1 course per week.

15 min once a week afterward, tiny daily actions of less than 5min to achieve your growth.

4 Features

You will love

7 Core Categories

Self-Confidence, Anxiety, Mindfulness, Get shit done, Perspective, Relationships, Leadership

Content Cards

That keeps the content engaging

Action List

One action per day, to ensure that theory becomes reality


Nature stories, to ensure that the theory sticks with you, even months later

Building your better self

Technology is incredible, which enables everyone to launch an app within weeks. We are no dreamers. However, we believe we can still beat the market.

Our Unique Combo – Personal  growth & nature

1.Not overwhelming – We designed a personal development app that targets healthy and steady progress, rather than overwhelming you

2.Beyond yourself – The overall market is very focused on the idea that happiness solely comes through personal growth. While we believe it comes through personal growth and helping others (in our case nature).

3. Action focus – While other resources stay quite theoretical, we minimised this component and focus mostly on helping you to take action.

4. Nature compensation – 15% of revenue is going towards nature protection and restoration.

5. Accountability – Positive impact on you and nature is visible in app

The idea is simple: look inside yourself and see which areas you want to improve.

This might be to become a better partner, become more self-confident or reduce your anxiety levels.

The idea of the concept is that we can all take matters into our own hands.

The app takes care of it, we only include frameworks and approaches that we tested, are proven by science, or worked for others.

One of the biggest misconceptions many industry players use is to promise you a quick fix.

Unfortunately, science is relatively straightforward and tells us that humans need around 2 months to form a new habit.

Rather than always learning new things, we want to ensure you incorporate the learnings into your life.

This will take time and repetition, so we believe in slower but steady growth.

It might sounds slower, but it will actually help you to change your life for real. 


You can do as many personal growth & mindfulness courses as you like.

Every week we launch a new course, so the library of courses is steadily increasing. 

Not fully, no.

With the app we wanted to create an option that makes personal development more affordable for everyone. 

So currently, we don’t offer full personal support.

That being said we offer collective initiatives:

  • office hours every week – so that you can share with us what’s wrong with the product and what training you would like to see next
  • webinar to host training of the week – in which you can raise your questions
  • we only work on features that are demanded and voted by the community

We fully understand your skepticism.

So the 1st month is for free and because we know that habits can take 2 months to implement we offer a money-back guarantee for the second month.

We have no interest in developing something that doesn’t work.

We take a more realistic, action-oriented approach so that you have a higher chance of succeeding.